Alex here and I would love wellnote.co.uk to be a place to discuss wellbeing and happiness, confidence and accepting yourself. A place to grow and get inspired. It is also an attempt by me to de-clutter my thoughts and ideas. 

I would love to share my experience of living with anxiety and striving. I also want to keep this place for my notes, hence the name. I love to organise stuff, but I can’t say I do it it very well, I am still learning. I would love to share the books that I read and some material that helps me with anxiety. With so many of us locked at home for the past year, it gave us time to think about what matters the most and to try to be the better version of yourself. If my posts can help anyone in such difficult time then my mission is accomplished.


Here you might find some self-help books that can help you to grow and understand your anxiety. Get more confident and succeed in your career. You also will find some ideas how to save and make some extra cash. I am overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas I would love to discuss. As we live such fast paced life there is no time to stop and read and I would love to keep my posts short and to the point, bite size ideas and thoughts.