Save money by switching to Bulb and get £25 or £50 voucher

Updated: Feb 17

When I started to look at ways how to save money, I wrote down all my expenses . Main expense was the rent, taxes and utilities. I started to look for ways how I can reduce each bit and also how to make some extra money. An electricity bill was one of the first I looked at as it was more than £1000 a year. I started my research by looking at different options out there. I have never switched an electricity supplier before. I usually stayed with a supplier my landlord was signed up. I did not think I could save money by switching. I heard it was a big thing to switch and internet provider, mobile, gas and electricity supplier.

It was surprising to learn that 6.8 million meters were updated to a new supplier in 2020 ( Dec 2019- Nov 2020) according to OFGEM data . There is a lot of interesting information on the regulators website to learn about what goes into our bills. Wholesale electricity is just a fraction of it.

After comparing few suppliers I decided to go ahead with Bulb and switched my account to them in August 2020.

Get £25 or £50 Bulb credit

Why did I choose Bulb energy?

There were few energy suppliers within the same price bracket. I knew I am switching but I need to make decision to whom. I wanted a reliable company with good customer service. I checked Bulb website.

  • An obvious one, money savings when I switch.Clear prices. No complicated fee structure.

  • Their electricity is 100% renewable and is coming from wind, solar and hydro generators. By going with a renewable supplier as Bulb you will reduce carbon footprint by few tonnes of CO2 a year.

  • Great customer service. Before switching to Bulb I had a long chat with a very friendly representative of theirs. They are rated 4.6 out of 5 on Trustpilot at the time of writing.

  • No fixed contract. I did not want to commit for 18 months to get better price, so it was really nice of Bulb to offer their price no matter how long I would stay with them.

  • No exit fees. This one was important as well. I am the person who like to overthink and I always want to have freedom to leave anytime I want, though if I like something I stick with it for very long time, but to know that I can is good enough for me.

  • Super intuitive and simple website, no extra fluff. Easy to find things. There are literally seven panes. Just relaxing to browse around for a change.

Was the switch easy?

Yes. It took me probably few minutes. I got a quote on Bulb website, entered my data and they took care of the rest. It was hassle free for sure. They contacted my previous supplier, from whom I got an acknowledgement letter. Though my previous supplier was a bit lazy sending my final bill, so I received the bill and the chaser from a collection agency at the same time. It was really annoying as it was not my fault they could not send the bill on time, but that is a different story.

Do you get a bonus or credit when you switch?

Yes and no, you already get a better value for money when you switch, but there was no voucher or credit you get if you switch to them at that time. But being on bargain hunt I started to look for Bulb voucher or Bulb coupon code. What could be really frustrating as there are many websites that offer a discount code, which does not work or irrelevant. I managed to find someones Bulb referral link and I got £25 credit when I switched. You can get £50 credit if you switch both gas and electricity to Bulb. Unfortunately, I only get an electricity in the flat I rent so it was really important I get a good deal on that.

If you would like to get £25 Bulb voucher when you switch electricity or gas or £50 when you switch both click the link below (it is a referral link, so I will get credit too if you switch, thank you).

Get £25 credit


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